Available Shirts

In order to raise funds for the upcoming year, we are selling excess stock of t-shirts from previous events. The price of ALL shirts is $7 each, or $12 for two. There are a variety of sizes available (both in standard and women's sizes) for each design. Please e-mail bradleyswingers@gmail.com for purchase details, or if you have any other questions. Thank you!

BULX 2012 (SPRING 2012)

PB&J (FALL 2012)

BULX: Swingin' in the Rain (SPRING 2013)

Please note that this shirt appears black in the images, but is actually a dark navy blue.

BULX: Redefined (FALL 2013) - Guys' Shirt

BULX: Redefined (FALL 2013) - Girls' Shirt